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Music+Graffix/Video w/ Intel Logo's, Etc. By: emc3^black knight

Hey!, what's up! Every and Any+body, I'm looking for all types of feedback, likes, dis likes, if you think something should be better? Basicly everything you have to say bad, worse or best, great, or maybe a little or okay! No matter what is said doesn't effect anything, this is just a starting point for me to see what people who work for or with Intel think? Like, or dis like. To me negitive data is just as important then positive data, and today you can't have one with out the other and vice versa, and asrev eciv. Don't mind me I like to compare things forward^backwards, DARK^LYTE, good^bad, on^off, and my favorite -1^1 as in binary coding. Thanks for your time! And please enjoy! Thanks; emc3^black knight Intel Live Test concepts: OR check out some of my music from both of my music licensing libraries! Sub Atomic Particles of Sound and Science of Mathematics by: BLACK KNIGHT SATELYTE+MUZIK!i¡¿°•._.•° ^Black+Knight(s)^ VARIOUS MUSIC LIBRARY SONGS!: Also a few Technology songs.... *(short pieces but directly 2 the point!) *^Technology!. Of NUE^:
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