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82852/82855 chipset's Integrated PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) interface for LFP backlight inverter control

Hi to all.

I hope anybody in here can help me.

The 82852/82855 controller documentation that says that it has integrated PWM for TFT panel Backlight Inverter control. I need to gain access to this functionality of the chipset.

The target platform is running in XP embedded, has a Celeron M processor, and is using the 82852/82855 controller.

What I did was I built a driver to access the PCI configuration space of this device. In this way, I might gain access to this device's register space to control it.

My problem is that, it isn't clear on the documentation what PCI device is this located and on what register offset can it be controlled.

If it is accessed through the base address registers, what is its offset? is it memory mapped or IO mapped?

I am really new to this. Please help.

Thanks a lot.


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