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About RPTR and quad-texture since intel 845G graphics chips...


I am writing fast 2d blit code(for video playback)using OpenGL in Linux. At first, I found my 2d texture uploading (from system memory to GPU) consumed 10% computation power of the CPU and that was only one video. Every frame is 720-pixel width and 480-pixel height and is refreshed at 30 frames per second. I think such CPU usage is quite high because my goal is to display multiple videos at the same time with arbitrary sizes on the screen. I think it's a texture uploading bottle neck( texture copy/pixel swizzling?).

I found there are some technologies developed by intel such as RPTR(Rapid Pixel and Texel Rendering) and quad-texture rendering in one pass, that might be quite useful for me. But I did googling and found no articles explain how to use these technologies in OpenGL. If any one knows any articles about OpenGL using these technologies, please tell me or if you know this well, would you please kindly give me any hints? I would appreciate. Thanks.


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