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Documentation for "Havendale" graphics


I need to fix a bug in Linux in-kernel drivers: if I switch the monitor off, the link dies and I have no option but reboot. To that end, I need documentation for the DisplayPort part of the chipset. So, two questions:

1. The "lspci" identifies the chip as "Havendale" (device ID 0x0042). What is Havendale in the official language? What name is used in the documentation (e.g. "Intel HD Graphics" or "Intel G35" or other)?

2. Assuming that I figure out the chipset name, how do I find the documentation? I looked all over the confusing array of Intel websites, and all it has is a "Quick Reference Guide to Intel HD Graphics". How do people find anything if there is nothing? A secret link?

Thanks, Pete

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Havendale(device ID 0x0042) was a pre-production code name for Intel HD Graphics.

What kind of documentation are you exactly looking for? Have you checked the site? Although it doesn't have Intel HD Graphics info yet, you might find what you are looking for by looking through the Intel G45 Programmer's Reference Manual.
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