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Intel 965 Graphic Issue on GDIPlus

This isssue is:
When launching yxt2010.exe(Version 1)program, Memory takes up 2681213 bytes(System memory and Virtual memory as a whole), and Video Memory takes up 33 MB, there is a crash on program screen. And launching yxt2010.exe(Version 2) program, Memory takes up 1833160 bytes, and Video Memory also takes up 33 MB, the screen is OK. We use GDIPlus1.0 to draw a BMP file on the screen (Attached files show the right and wrong results). The only differecne between program Version 1 and program Version 2 is that Version 1 would require much more system memory to use. There is no such issue on NVidia and ATI Display card. So would you please give us some advice on this issue? The attached files are the shotcuts of the program status(both rigth and wrong results), maybe helpful to you.

Sytem Config:
CPU: Intel Cuo 2 Duo 7500 2.2GHz
RAM: 2G DDR2 533
Display Chipset: 965 Chipsets (8 MB Video Memory)
Harddisk: 250GB
OS: Windows XP SP2
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Unfortunately, the driver for the platform you are using (G965) is no longer actively supported by Intel. Regretfully, it is not feasible to issue a driver patch at this time for this bug. However, this bug is being looked into by our driver engineers and will be fixed in a future release of the driver.
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