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Multhithreaded opengl application on Intel



We have a multithreaded Opengl application on windows. There are multiple Opengl windows each running on its own thread and each has its own rendering context. The application has been tested on two different ATI cards and one Nvidia card and it runs with no problem. But when we run it on PCs with Intel graphics, some textures get corrupted and it seems that they change randomly. The textures that are affected mostly are texts where each character is rendered as a bitmap on its own display list. Another observation is that at the beginning of the program everything renders properly but as soon as another window is activated the textures on the first window get corrupted but the second window remains steady.

Is there anyway to fix this problem?

Ps. we have Intel 4 Series Internal Chipset with latest driver from Dell.


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Hi phyxle,

I don't know of any known issues with what you are trying to do.

Would you be able to share a test version of your app so that we can reproduce the issue you are seeing internally?

Thanks Ganesh.
I taught our problem could be related to issues previously discussed here. Btw I did not see that problem on aIntel Graphics Media Accelerator HD with windows 7.I am going to ask for permission to send the application to you.
Can you tell me how Ican send an email to you.
Hi Phyxle - yes, you seem to be hitting the same issue discussed in the other thread.

Can you give me the Intel graphics driver version number you are using, along with your system config?

I would guess that the issue is fixed in the latest Intel graphics driver, but it might not have been pulled into Dell's latest driver package. As a solution, could you try installing the latest driver from ?

Regarding uploading your app, you can upload a file throughyour profile page on this forum. You can then send me a PM and attach the files you uploaded.