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OpenGL drivers for HD 3000 completely broken


After years struggling with the lack of proper support for FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB on Intel (it can't be toggled, and therefore it is utterly useless), we finally made the effort to implement our own SRGB conversions for rendering. Needless to say this is very problematic when using any blending or texture compositing, but we managed with some crazy hacks.

We thought we finally had something that doesn't look horrible on Intel and also isn't a nightmare to maintain, until we tried it on the Intel HD 3000...

On the Intel HD 3000, rendering to an SRGB texture target doesn't work. The SRGB format seems to be ignored in these cases (that's what the results suggest anyway). Everything works perfectly on the 4000.

The 3000 has some other very bad rendering issues, we've managed to work around a large number of them, but some just seem to be impossible to fix and inexplicable, like getting complete garbage from GL_LUMINANCE8 render targets and some others.

Have these drivers simply not been updated in a long time? We have 10s of thousands of customers, and many seem to have this level of hardware, we are simply incapable of providing a functional solution for them with the state of these drivers.

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Sorry but there are no further driver releases planned that support HD 3000 graphics as that product is no longer supported. 


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