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Which intel motherboard is good for graphic design?



I am tanzir from background removal service company. We have to purchase a lot of computers for graphic design. I need to know which intel motherboard is good for graphic design?




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2D graphics or virtual 3D graphics? There can be big differences in the requirements.

What level of shading quality are your looking for (if any)?

What graphics design software are you planning to use?

For example: 3ds Max 2 and 3 from back in the mid 1990's were used to produced full length theater quality major motion picture movies. The graphics cards back then handled that level of graphics design and the motherboards back then did also. Now (2020AD) 3ds Max is almost the exact same but with some slight additional options that might never be used by the average graphics producer, so mostly the same old 1990's computers with the same old Intel motherboards could handle (mostly) the newer graphics development in 3ds Max.

For example: If you want fast rendering of high-mesh-count user-adaptable real-time movie interactions, then choose your graphics cards first, then look up the Intel motherboard that works with them.

Conclusion: Decide what you are doing first. Then chose the graphics cards to handle that activity. Then chose the Intel motherboard that is listed as working with that graphics card. If the graphics card is not compatible with any Intel motherboards, you may choose some other graphics card. If the cards do not work with an Intel board, then I suggest remove the card from the list. But, decide what exactly you are doing with your graphics first.


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