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intel i5 + intel hd graphic 3000 & Amd radeon 6630m problem

i have just bought a Sony Vaio with intel i5 2410 prosessor + intel hd graphic & amd radeon hd6630m graphic card, i am a dj/ dvj .i am currently using virtual dj for video dj / serato scratch live but i cant full accelerate my graphic card since i need a lot of graphic .......
it only show the intel hd graphic card and i try to disable it but i cant.........

what should i do????
once i play video the video since lagging or freeze coz the intel hd graphic could not support my video as the graphic card think it would be gd enough to support my virtual dj for video........

and i already checked that my 2nd graphic card dont even run at all coz the intel hd stop it as he think it is good enough to support my virtual dj

pls help very urgent!!!
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Hi speedzone

Firstly, have you tried ensuring the system has the latest system and video drivers on it? Use this link to make sure Failing that, there should be an option in the BIOS to disable the Intel graphics and use the radion HW instead to see if that performs any better. I'm not familiar with the Vaio BIOS but there should be an option somewhere.

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