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Ethernet i225 chipset MAC address


Hello sir,


I want to know about below questions for my HW design.


when i design Intel WGI210 and WGI211 chipset,

WGI211 have the integrated eePROM, so we just write MAC address and eePROM file directly into chipset.

WGI210 have external eePROM on PCB, so we write the data into external eePROM with same method like WGI211. 


But I'm studying Intel i255 Ethernet chipset to design, but I can't find exact explanation for this.

I found there're just SPI flash.

32GB when option ROM, 16GB without Option ROM.


My questions are....


1) where is the storage material for i255 chipset's MAC and firmware....

    integrated ? or external 16GB SPI ROM ?


2) Can i get the reference schematic for i255-T1(i255 chipset Adapator) ?


3) I used eeupdate tool with WGI210/211...i255 is same?


I hope to get your answer ASAP.



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Hello, @Samsedam 


To get access to the documents you require, you need to have a Resource and Design Center (RDC) privileged account to have access to the information that may help you.


The RDC Account Support form is the channel to process your account update process by filling out the form stated on the following website:




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Best regards,


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