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Programming I210-IT chip to not increment Ethernet Connection number at each deployment of Windows image.




We have a custom boards, with an I210-IT programmed with 3.25 default image (Dev_Start_I210_Copper_NOMNG).


Programming is made with EEUPDATE tool with /D img.bin and /mac=xxx parameters.


Once finished we have I210 with 0x1533 chip ID.


On the board, we use a ghost image on windows 7 with configuration on Network adapters (static IP, renaming interface, etc).


Each time we deploy this image, Windows increments the Network adapter number corresponding to the I120 present on the baseboard, so the configuration we made on networks adapters cant be used...


We would like to have Windows recognizing the I210 on all the baseboards like the same one, connecting it to the same network adapter.

Only the mac address is changing after all.


We have seen it is possible :

On the same baseboard, the CPU module we use has another I210-IT attached to it (programmed by the manufacturer of the CPU module).

The Network adapter number for this I210 never changes and the I210 of all different CPU module are seen as the same by windows.. And network configuration are correctly applied.


So we assume it's a matter of I210 configuration.

What parameter(s) do we have to change in the image to achieve that ?

We do not find the information in the datasheet.

(we have the possibility to connect the SMBUS and to use related images.)


Do we have to put a unique MAC address in the first word of the Image/Eeprom in order to help windows to create the same Device ID for the I210 and put in another place the Unique MAC address we are supposed to use ?


Thanks in advance for the help


Best Regards


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Hello JRERA,


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Your query will be best answered by our Embedded Support team, we will help you to move this post to the designated team. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance from Ethernet support team.


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Hello, @JRERA​:


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


Could you please clarify if the ghost image related to this situation has been created using exactly the same hardware configuration or with other? Please provide all the details, including hardware differences, the software used to create the cited image, and other important information.


Best regards,


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