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Ubuntu 18.04.6 kernel version 5.4.0-125 I225-LM driver


Issue :Cannot Work on Ubuntu.

OS: Ubuntu 18.4.6 LTS

Kernel: 5.4.0-125-generic

Hi @CarlosAM_INTEL. I can't Reply on the previous post,I am using a minipcie network card, the device manufacturer innodisk,They told me that Ubuntu18.04 is not supported,Kernel version is too low,Says I need kernel version 5.14+,Device ID is Intel Corporation Device 15f2 (rev 03),I have checked that this ID is an I225-LM chip. I have an I225-V network card. It can be used normally in Ubuntu 18.04.6. The kernel version is 5.4.0-86. I have checked that the IGC version The driver of Ubuntu 18.04 can be used on Ubuntu 18.04. I just saw this post and the phenomenon is similar to mine, so I come to seek your help



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Hi @mishi5250 ,

Thank you for contacting the Intel Embedded Community.

If you are using an LAN controller manufactured by a third party company, you need to get the drivers from them or  get support on the community channel of the OS you are using (https://ubuntu.com/support/community-support).


I was checking the Linux drivers we provide and currently only  Canonical Ubuntu is supported; if you want to check,here is the information:

Intel® Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack



Best regards,
Jaime L.
Intel Customer Support Engineer

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