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part#WGI210IT S LJXT Our customer used above parts and meet issue as below. Could you help check and advise?


Hi Tech,

part#WGI210IT S LJXT

Our customer used above parts and met below issue:

We are using RK3399’s pcie gigabit network interface, hardware design is referred to manual on Intel’s website. Currently the crystal doesn’t vibrate, IC output voltage isn’t normal. Supplier power 3.3V is normal, crystal is also confirmed OK, two IC has same issue.

Please see attachment for details.

Customer wants to know the reason.

Could you help check and advise? Thanks.


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Hello JLiu18,


Thank you for posting in Intel Ethernet Communities. 


Base on your inquiry, we have specific forum for these issues and I will be transferring this thread for faster response. 


Best regards,

Michael L.

Intel Customer Support Technicians

A Contingent Worker at Intel

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Hello, @JLiu18​:


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


Could you please clarify if the following is the proper translation to English of the attached document?


1. Online order number or invoice number + order date: 54115182 + Sep 29 2019

2. mouser part number: 607-WGI210ITSLJXT

3. The first material in the order: 8

4. Quantity of problem materials: 5

5. Specific problem description: We are now using the RK3399's pcie extended Gigabit Ethernet port. For the hardware design, refer to the manual of Intel's official website. At present, the problem encountered during debugging is that the crystal has not been vibrated and the two voltages output by the chip are abnormal. The 3.3V voltage of the power supply is normal, the crystal confirmation is OK, and the two chips have the same problem.

6. The photo of the mouser tag, the product's photo, and the product's outer box are sent to us.

7. Photos of the use environment, methods, reports, tools, test results, etc.

8. Your requirements


Could you please let us know how many units of the project related to this circumstance have been manufactured? How many are affected? Could you please give the failure rate? Also, could you please list the sources that you have used to design it and if it has been verified by Intel?


Finally, could you please give pictures of the top side markings of the affected Ethernet Controllers? Because the attached one does not have clear this information.


We are waiting for your answer to these questions.


Best regards,


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