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2 displays, Independent Rotation [N270 & 945GSE - IEGD 10.4 - XPEmbedded]


I am using an Atom N270 with 945GSE chipset, with Windows XP Embedded.

I have 2 displays, one on the CRT (VGA) port and one on the sDVO-B port (DVI via Chrontel CH7307). I would like to set both displays to operate in clone mode at the same resolution but different rotations (one at 90° and one at 270°).

I used IEGD 10.4 and created a configuration that should do this. IEGD lets you set port rotation differently for each port.

However, when I install the driver, the resolution and clone mode are set OK, but both displays are stuck at the same rotation.

The windows XPe control panel for the driver allows you to configure the rotation. It is settable for the VGA port but grayed out (disabled) for the DVI.

I saw another post here (/message/6463# 6463 http://embedded.communities.intel.com/message/6463# 6463) where someone with the same hardware was able to set rotations independently. The only difference is that they were using LVDS instead of CRT (VGA). Unfortunately, I see the same text blurring issue as that person as well.

What do I need to do to enable independent rotation for each display? It seems like it should be possible...

Thank you in advance for your help!
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What happens if you try extended mode and independent rotation? I believe that was the intent for being able to rotate independently. There is added "complications" when using clone mode and that is NOT supposed to be a supported use case. Here is the info from our Technical Product Spec (TPS):

When in Clone mode both displays are rotated according to the option specified for the primary port.

The TPS is provided to customers (it is considered Intel Confidential so NDA is required) and has a LOT of detail like that which may be useful to you if you could work with your Intel Field person to obtain it.

Hope that helps, Kirk


Thank you, that is helpful.

I tried the extended mode and it does allow independent configuration of the display rotations for each monitor, but under Windows XPe, this also creates an extended desktop environment. This results in my content appearing on one display and empty desktop appearing in the other display. So, it's almost right, but I need to get the content duplicated on each monitor.

It seems as though the graphics hardware & driver have the ability to do what I need, but there is no option in the UI or software to set it up to work that way. It can clone/twin, and it can rotate, but the software won't let me configure both at the same time. Is there some lower-level way of forcing this type of configuration?

I have put in a request to have an Intel representative contact me, but until then, if you have any other suggestions (or if what I am trying to do is technically not possible for some reason), please let me know.

Thanks again!


Unfortunately, our requirements specifty the rotation feature to work the way you do not want it to work. It is not going to do what you want. The operation you are asking for are very difficult for the driver to do because of the use of a single frame buffer feeding the two displays in clone. Rotation is a feature of the driver (not the hardware) and it is very resource intensive. Having to independantly rotate a single frame buffer to two displays is very resource intensive so we avoid extra work in order to keep performance as good as we can provide. It is just "notin the cards" for us to implement this feature differently. We normally recommend that OEMs avoid roatation because of the performance penalty.

Sorry we cannot help here.