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FSP integration for Bay Trail E3815



We have CoreExpress Module with Atom 3815 by Kontron. It works perfectly with the original Phoenix BIOS (full functionality).

I am making our initialization program with FSP for BayTrail I E3815.

I have success returning from first Function TempRAMInit

After I am calling second function FSPInitApi

I have the following:

port 81 - 0x01 and port 80 - 0x2F then 0x33

As far as I understand according #523922

 port 81h          port 80h

0x01             0x2F            Set Init Done

0x01             0x33            ???             


Also coreboot_spi.bin from 554416-byt-cb-mr6 stops on post codes port 81 - 0x01 and port 80 - 0x2F.

Why does coreboot_spi.bin not reach to the end?


And please help to understand post codes: 0x01  0x33.


0x01 and 0x2F - are the last post codes in the FSPInitApi function?

and then program must go to the ContinuationFunc??

If it is true why coreboot_spi.bin stops on these post codes?


Thank you in advance!

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​Hello, @OUsti​ :


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


We suggest you verify that the affected implementation fulfills with the requirements stated in the Intel(R) Firmware Support Package for Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 Product Family: Integration Guide document #331165 that can be found at:




We hope that this information may help you.


Best regards,

@CAgui2​ .


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