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How to create driver for GMA3150 with IEGD?



I trying to create driver for GMA3150 with IEGD 10.3.1 (1550), but generated *.inf doesn't support GMA3150. How can I create driver with GMA3150 support?


P.S. Generated inf file in atttachment

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Thank you for answering.

But can you, please, explain this:

On IEGD page (http://edc.intel.com/Software/Downloads/IEGD http://edc.intel.com/Software/Downloads/IEGD" >http://edc.intel.com/Software/Downloads/IEGD) in FAQ section

What features are new in the Intel Embedded Graphics Drivers 10.3.1 Release?

Both GMA3150 2D and 3D graphics support is included. For a list of all features supported refer to the IEGD 10.3 Feature Matrix under the Intel® Atom™ Processor 400/500 Series column and Intel® Atom™ Processor 400/500 Series datasheet.

And example inf file in IEGD documentation contains GMA3150 description (yes, I understand, that it is just an example)


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I understand your question.

The Atom 400/500 family of processors feature a graphics engine integrated onto the CPU chip. That engine is the same as the one on the GMA3150 chipset. So this explains why you see the GMA3150 reference in the IEGD FAQ.

I will ask one of our experts to confirm.


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I am also having trouble setting up an IEGD installation for my LunaPier platform with GMA3150.

The iegd.inf the CED generated was very similar to yours, save for a few differences. I'm assuming the differences are due our individually named config1.cnfg and pckge1.pkg.

The differences start after [iegd_SoftwareDeviceSettings_nap], I've bolded the differences below.

HKR, ALL\1 , name, \%REG_SZ\%, "config1"HKR, ALL\1\General , DisplayConfig, \%REG_DWORD\%, 2HKR, ALL\1\General , DisplayDetect, \%REG_DWORD\%, 1HKR, ALL\1\General , PortOrder, \%REG_SZ\%, "54000"HKR, ALL\1\Port\5\General , name, \%REG_SZ\%, "vga"HKR, ALL\1\Port\5\General , Rotation, \%REG_DWORD\%, 0HKR, ALL\1\Port\5\General , Edid, \%REG_DWORD\%, 1HKR, ALL\1\Port\5\General , EdidAvail, \%REG_DWORD\%, 3HKR, ALL\1\Port\5\General , EdidNotAvail, \%REG_DWORD\%, 1HKR, ALL\1\Port\4\General , name, \%REG_SZ\%, "lcds"

All other lines in the *.inf are exactly identical.

After I generate the installation and try to run the Setup.exe, I receive strange characters in a prompt (see IEGDinstallerror1.JPG).

I also receive a second error after the installation attempts to run, which eventually fails doing so (see IEGDinstallerror2.JPG).

Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank You!

Best Regards,


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GMA3150 is the graphics engine in the D400/500 chipsets and was codenamed "Luna Pier" so selecting D400/500 is correct.

The scambled letters (the first JPG) happens if you do not copy all of the files AND directory structure of IEGD to do your install. It is trying to display the license agreement for you to agree to. The fix is to use the FULL set of install files to install from.

The second JPG error can happen if you do not follow the install instructions and neglect to REMOVE any other Intel Graphics Drivers (like the GMA3150 driver) from the system BEFORE installing IEGD. The fix there is to boot into VGA mode (do an F8 just before Windows starts and you will get a boot menu with an option to start up in "VGA mode") then uninstall whatever driver is listed as supporting the graphics card, then rerun the IEGD install. You MIGHT need to do the uninstall from VGA mode, then reboot and forece VGA mode again before the IEGD install will proceed cleanly. If you are missing the license agreement, it may be that your are missing other files in the installation and that is what setup is complaining about... Hope this helps.

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