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Small and Lightweight, but Powerful! Why Not? Fanless Embedded Box PCs Boost Performance in Industrial Machines


Small and Lightweight, but Powerful! Why Not?


Fanless Embedded Box PCs Boost Performance in Industrial Machines

DFI (a leading provider offering a wide range of embedded products for industrial applications) has been dedicated to developing trusted and rugged industrial box PCs to collect and process data generated by numerous connected machines. Which poses a real challenge for today's system integrators and application developers.

DFI's fanless and compact embedded box PCs are designed with industrial-strength components and soldered-down CPU and memory in order to bring enhanced reliability and stability in harsh operating environment. In addition, leveraging DFI's proprietary heat dissipation technology, the IPCs adopted fanless design not only allows the systems to perform in extreme temperature conditions, but also reduces active components for longer product lifecycle and simpler maintenance. Since there are a few challenges (such as extreme temperature, dust, and power supply limitation that can create issues for industrial equipment) the mechanical design of embedded PCs must be durable and robust under such demanding conditions on the shop floor. Also, due to the fact that most space in equipment is occupied by machine elements, the installation for box PCs is restricted to a very limited area. DFI's versatile compact fanless industrial PCs provide outstanding processing capability and power efficiency in an ultra-small size to integrate with production machines and proactively optimize the factories operations.

"DFI's fanless, lightweight, and compact box PCs product portfolio is targeted for a large variety of industrial control applications and deploys exceptional scalability by featuring entry-level (low-power Intel® Atom™ processor) to high-end platforms (6th Gen Intel® Core™ processor) to consolidate and engage in embedded solutions with a variety of requirements." said GS Liu, DFI's system product planning leader. "When designing this series, we combined many factors such as wide power input for plant uses, extended temperature support for critical systems, wireless connectivity that offers seamless valuable data transition, and substantial I/O ports with high flexibility to ensure that the box PCs would meet and exceed industry standards for ruggedness and reliability while still delivering the performance that our customers expect."



Thanks to these brilliant features, the small but powerful IPCs can help customers optimize their equipment performances and strengthen reliability and responsiveness to an array of smart solutions, such as smart factory, digital healthcare, and IoT gateways.


High-Performance: http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10064 EC70A-SU

As a flawless combination of impressive stylish design and excellent computing capability, EC70A-SU brings a whole new concept to the IPC market. Based on the high-end 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processors, it delivers outstanding processing capability in a fanless and compact enclosure. And it is designed for space-limited and compute-intensive solutions like smart factory, digital healthcare, and surveillance.

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