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atom d525 gma 3150 iegd driver


Hi Everyone

Previously with lots of success, i had created a driver using iegd 10.3 for my intel atom w/ 945 chipset to be displayed on via vga port from my laptop to my car's navigation screen. It was a custom job created by a really clever guy in spain. Recently i have purcased a mini itx board (intel D525MW) with the intel atom 1.8ghz dual core D525 series processor. I know this is a CPU+GPU combo using the intel gma 3150. I am using the same DTD files and settings for the navigation screen that i used previously but i have having no luck with it this time around. I constantly get a high resolution error like we used to see many years ago when a video card pushed a resolution too high on a crt monitor (sort of a rolling screen, just lines everywhere). i cannot find what is wrong so any help would be appreciated. I can post up the DTD files and the old driver for the 945 chipset if anyone is interested at looking at it. im not really sure what else i can try at this point as returning the MB for one with a 945 chipset is not an option.

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i forgot to mention that i am using windows 7.

are there any known compatibility issues with win7? i really dont want to have to go back to xp.

i was using windows 7 on my previous setup and everything worked very well.