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DN2800MT asks for the BIOS supervisor password at Network Boot (F12) or Boot Menu (F10)


Hello all,

We have several all-in-one's with a DN2800MT motherboard using BIOS version MTCDT10N.86A.0162.2012.1108.1345 (November 8, 2012).

Since the system is used in a public place, we've must have a Supervisor password set in the BIOS to prevent unauthorized personell making any BIOS changes.

Sometimes we need to reinstall the OS via PXE network boot. When someone presses the F12 (Network boot) or F10 (Boot menu) key, the system will ask for the Supervisor password first, then it will network boot or show the boot menu. The user initiating an operating system deployment via F12 PXE boot, does always know the Supervisor password.

I've never seen this before and the BIOS setup offers no clues on how to prevent this behavior. Can anyone tell me if this behavior is by design, a bug or is there some other configuration option in the BIOS we might have missed?

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Please know that Intel desktop boards such as the DN2800MT are outside the scope of Intel's embedded line. While it is possible that someone in the Embedded Community might have an answer, I would suggest that also try the support page for this product:

http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/dsktpboards/db-dn2800mt http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/dsktpboards/db-dn2800mt


J. Felix McNulty

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