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Renovating the Centre Hospitalier Alpes Lèman with Advantech's POC-S197F Point-of-Care Terminal


Market: Healthcare

Location: France

Technology Partner: Centre Hospitalier Alpes Lèman

Project Introduction

The Hospital Alpes Léman in Contamine sur Arve, France, was originally built in 1841 and serves

the Geneva area as a premier public hospital offering a complete range of medical and surgical

specialties. The hospital has a 640-bed capacity, and its wide range of care options across

various fields of competence is available to all. The hospital was completely rebuilt in 2012,

affording planners the opportunity to computerize the facility in surgery, endoscopy, recovery,

anesthesia, and other areas. Hospital staff identified the need to build systems that allowed

full patient management, room scheduling, and regulatory checklists in surgery; intervention

and recovery processes in anesthesiology; and patient plan care and prescription continuity in

pharmaceutical dispensaries.


Advantech's POC-S197F Slim Point-of-

Care terminals were selected to handle the

hospital's needs. The all-in-one terminal is

connected to the hospital's information

systems, and allows real-time access and

recording of patient data. It was installed in

the hospital using convenient VESA standard

swing-arm mounts, making for an ergonomic

workstation with mouse and keyboard suspended

above worktables maximizing the

work area. The POC-S197F's 19-inch display

gives medical personnel, such as anesthesiologists

in surgical units, a broad visual interface.

Having instant access to data optimizes

workflow, reduces risks from errors, and

ensures premium access to information is

always available.

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