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System Management Mode (SMM) questions - need help



Just joined the group as I was told this would be an excellent location for asking my question(s)..

I own a '98 vintage Tektronix logic analyzer that used a custom controller board which ran Win95/98

and made use of a 133 MHz Pentium. The analyzer supported the 'soft - off' power down method

which would force a safe windows shutdown, followed by a hardware power off. We all expect

this nowadays in the computers of our time. When I upgraded to Windows 2000, this soft power

off mode ceases to work. I've discovered the reason and I need to make some changes

to the SMM interrupt handler located in bios.

Finally, my question:

In order to shutdown my logic analyzer system properly, I need to make a Win2000 system call.

Is this allowable from within SMM? The documentation that I have found on the Internet in regards

to SMM is not clear. If this is not possible to make a system call, what would be a recommended

method of achieving what I need? Could I create a process which would initiate when I exit SMM?

Any help that you can offer would be great. I have yet to find anyone with any experience in

the 'nuts-n-bolts' of system management mode..



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