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10G NICs not getting signal detect with fiber


I have a couple of e10g42btda dual SFP+ 10G NICs in SL6.2 Linux boxes. When I connect the cards together with passive copper cables the LEDs come on and the connections are available in Linux. However when I connect the cards together with fiber nothing happens.

I'm using Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL tranceivers and 2M 50/125 LC-LC fiber cables. I know the cables are OK because I'm able to run traffic through them from an Altera FPGA card. I've tried reversing the connections and that didn't help.

Is there a switch on the cards to enable fiber connections or is there a configuration setting in Linux that I have to use to enable fiber.?

BTW SL6.2 (RHEL 6.2 clone) uses a 2.6.32 kernel.

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You can use any direct attach cable that meets the specifications, but if you want to add optical modules you must use Intel® Ethernet SFP+ SR Optics or Intel® Ethernet SFP+ LR Optics. You can see Which SFP+ modules, SFP modules, and cables can I use with the X520 Series? for more details. I hope this helps.

Mark H

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