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82567LM-3 Driver injection has no speed/duplex

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We have a Windows 7 image that is Sysprepped ready to go.

We inject drivers for NICs (or anything else) directly into the image without starting up the image (we use DISM).

We have many machines and a range of NICs (not always Intel), including this one.

Some sites we have are set at 100/Full on the switches and some are at AUTO.

It seems this driver will not have the Speed/Duplex options in the advanced settings page at all.

Instead, we would have to install the protools for the device. We cannot install pre-sysprep as far as I am aware as the settings would be wiped at sysprep anyway.

Just to complicate things, I would like to use the driver in WinPE 3 as well, but I can work on the info from Win7 and adapt.

So, my question:

Can I add the appropriate lines for the speed/duplex to the driver INF file and have them work correctly in the driver advanced properties? It would mean no extra tool installs after imaging a machine with this NIC...

Does this make sense?

Frankly, I'm a little confused as to why these params were removed from the basic INF files and added to the protools. The tools are nice, but not practical in a mixed automated environment. Anyway - any advice is welcomed!


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The Link Speed & Duplex setting is in the basic driver INF for the Intel(R) 82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection and for our other Ethernet devices. You can see the setting when Intel(R) PROSet is not installed. When you install Intel(R) PROSet, the setting is found in the Link Speed tab and hidden in the advanced tab.

You should not need to do anything special since the settings are in there under [Copper.reg] and [Copper1000.reg].

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply.

Whilst I agree that the INF has the COPPER/COPPER1000 information, this is not imported into the registry when the driver is loaded.

If I check the appropriate area (HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002bE10318}) for this device ID I do not see the *SpeedDuplex entry. If I also check the params area of the registry, there are no entries for the Speedduplex (so there is no default setting or options for changing). Since these entries don't exist in the registry, the GUI also doesn't display the parameters.

I can of course see the Network card name and the INF file information in the registry, so I know I am working with the correct card and INF file.

This is a standard network, so it should be using copper as far as I can tell.

How can I troubleshoot why this entry is not being imported since you suggest the INF file is correct?



I am not sure if injecting the drivers with DISM is making a difference or not. Since the parameter is supposed to be part of the driver installation, I am lost as to why the setting does not show up in the registry.

Are there any clues in the DISM.log file at %windir%\Logs\DISM that are related to injecting the driver?