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82567LM-3 - Gigabit-Link while PC is powered off


tIn our network environment all workstations are equipped with onboard Intel NICs, e.g. 82567LM-3. All these workstations are configured to power on by Wake-on-LAN. I've noticed workstations that are powered off have a network link established with 10MBit, which should be enough to receive the magic packet.

Now to our problem, some of these workstations are connected by Fiber-to-Copper-Converters to the network core only supporting 1000Base-T, there is no way to establish a link with lower speed than 1GBit. As result the link is lost when the affected workstations are powered off with no more possibility to wake them by WoL.

Is there a way to configure the onboard NIC to stay with a link speed of 1GBit when the workstation is powered off?

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