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82577LM gigabit Advanced setting PME ... is this the Promiscuous Mode Enable Flag?


Attempting to help Daughter with a College project monitoring Network traffic from an Arduino Shield ... WireShark is in promiscuous mode but this intel wired network card is not seeing any public traffic even using a HUB connection ... so now wondering if the 82577LM has a promiscuous mode? ... is PME the flag that sets it? ... if it is, then what does one need to do to monitor all traffic as it is already enabled? ... I have turned off MSE, Acronis Active Protection and Malwarebytes but still not seeing any traffic

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SOLVED ... Sorry for the noise


1) Found a reference on a non Intel forum that suggests the PME parameter is actually Power Management Enable


AND ...


2) the device I had assumed to be a HUB, was actually an old switch ... with a genuine 10Base-T HUB, WireShark reveals that the Intel 82577LM is capable of doing promiscuous mode (which is what I was trying to confirm)




PME is NOT Promiscuous Enable ... also per WireShark, promiscuous mode is set once capture is started and cleared when stopped so a promiscuous parameter must be hidden (doesn't appear to be anything resembling a promiscuous setting available in the Advanced settings)


As Wireshark shows it is sniffing Network Traffic from the Arduino (Network Device under test) when both the Arduino and the Intel 82577LP Wired Ports are connected via a genuine HUB, that indicates to me the Intel 82577LM is able to go in to promiscuous mode.


Hope this at least helps others in the future looking for answers to these questions

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