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82579LM settings realiable connection to triggered GigE Camera



I have a question about the settings for the Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network Card. I am not an experienced user, why the explanations about the different possible settings on fc fc is difficult to interpret.

My problem is the following: I am running a GigE camera in triggered mode, connected to the network card. The camera is triggered at 50 Hz, eg. once every 20 ms. When it is triggered it aquires an image and sends it to the host computer with the network card. The problem is that some images get lost, on average about 3/200 as I aquire a series of 200 images. There are many things that could be the reason for this, but having addressed most of the it seems to me that there is a possibility that the network card fails to recieve all data. From the supplier of my camera I have gotten the following tips:

Use Jumbo packets (camera uses 2k packets, network card set to 9014 bytes). No obvious effect.

Set interupt moderation rate to Extreme. Doesn't seem to make any big difference either. Also, I am uncertain if this is ideal when not streaming, but waiting for a burst of data.

Maximize recieve buffer (512k ---> 2048k)

There are several other options for the network card which seems to relate to the performance of the card, such as not utilizing too much CPU resources etc for processing recieved data. The computer I am using is running an i7-2640M processor which is hardly utilized at all during this proceedure, so I am wondering if anyone could hint at what settings that would help me to:

Reviece a moderate amount of data (752x480 color images @ 50 Hz) reliably, i.e.: Which settings should the network card have so that it can reviece new bursts of data without losing anything, and then rather sacrifice CPU capacity.

I also have a switch involved in the setup, but there is no difference when I connect the cameras directly to the computer or through the switch. Will test all possible options using both modes.

If anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful.

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Hi - I would suggest you move this post to the Wired Ethernet Forum to get more exposure. Regards. Peter

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