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82579LM slow to reconnect after sleep on windows 10 pro



I have a gigabyte mb GA-Q77M-D2H with the intel 82579LM Ethernet chip on board and when the system comes out of sleep state it takes a minute before the LAN starts up again.

System is Windows 10 64bit pro

i7-3770, 8gb ram and Samsung SSD.

From power off the system boots really quick and the LAN is working just fine, however put it into sleep state and Ethernet takes a minute or more to start up again after leaving sleep state. (Yellow LED blinking).

If I go into device manage and disable and then enable the 82579lm it connects immediately.

I have tweeked just about ever config option in the device options and BIOS that I think would affect the slow start up and nothing has helped.

I have also test with several different generation of the intel LAN drivers.

Interesting is that I have the same problem when I install Win 7 64bit pro in the system.

However and this is the bit that makes little sense I also have an ASUS P8Q77-M mother that is essentially the same as the gigabyte and it works just fine and connects immediately to the LAN after sleeping.

I even tried the ASUS drivers in the GB board and problem the same.

Any ideas please as I have tried everything I can think of :-)

Ian K.

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Hi imk123,



you can try to disable the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on 82579LM properties in device manager. also, plug in the LAN to switch port on where ASUS P8Q77-M doesn't experience the issue. There might be configuration on the switch that enables power saving on ports.



I'd also recommend to contact Gigabyte given the ASUS P8Q77-M with the same LAN model didn't encounter the issue. As our LAN controller being integrated to their system manufacturer and further customization might have been done.



Reference site regarding support for Intel® 82579 Gigabit Ethernet Controller





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Hi imk123,



We'd like to check if you still have issue with 82579LM. Please let us know if there's still assistance needed.





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