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82583v waking PC from sleep mode


I have an Asrock 990FX Extreme 9 mainboard with an onboard Intel 82583V ethernet controller.

I've been having issues whereby my PC will go into sleep mode, and almost immediately after entering sleep mode it will wake by itself. I also have issues whereby it sometimes will not come out of sleep mode, and I'll need to turn off the power supply and then to a hard reboot to get my system on again.

I checked the Windows System logs, and its reporting the Intel 82583V controller is the wake source (see linked image). It's also listing the source as "Power Trouble Shooter" for the 82583v.

Screenshot of Windows System Log ->>

I have tried unticking the "Wake on Magic Packet" option, though that did not help.

I've installed the Intel LAN driver provided by my mainboard website, and I also updated the driver to Intels Driver version 18.3. The problem persists with both drivers.

I'm curious if this problem is a mainboard or a LAN controller issue, or if there's a software patch that can resolve the issue.

Anyone with a solution, please advise.

Thanks for any help.

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I've been troubleshooting my problem a bit more, and found that by unticking the option for "wake on pattern match", seems to have resolved the problem with the Intel controller prematurely waking my PC. Well, at least for now the problem seems to be fixed.

If anyone is having a similar problem, you can find this option by going into the Intel Controller LAN driver's properties page, then selecting "configure". That should bring you to a window whereby you can select the "Power Management" tab, and a list of settings will appear, scroll the settings till you see "wake on pattern match" and untick the option.

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