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Auto-Negotiation with the 82573 controller

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Hi everybody,

I used the auto-negotiation function with several intel controllers now, but the 82573 is causing some trouble.

I want to establish a hardware based auto-negotiation. To perform this the specifications first step is:

"LRST transition from 1b to 0b in CTRL register". But this bit is reserved. for the 82573 controller.

I tried some other ways, but it just dont works.

Can anybody tell me how the auto-negotiation works with this controller?


Franziskus Karsunke

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Community Manager

Hi again,

I tried all ways described in to establish a link with

the 82573, but none of them worked. So can anybody tell me how it works with this controller?

I had a look at the linux driver, but I can't see any special thing for the 82573 there.

I really need help here, so it would be very nice of those who can help me...


Franziskus Karsunke