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Basic ProK Install



I have a Intel Pro wired ethernet software. I just got finished running the driver update utility and found that there was a new, Intel pro2k that I could install... . So after downloading the software and running it, I found that it would not accept the install. I found two problems, one was that I was first prompted to close setup and uninstall the current driver.... The next problem I encountered happened in safe mode of Windows XP (Sp3) where it said that the administrator had disabled a service to not allow the upload.... I did encounter another problem though very related to the first and that was that I would go to my "device manager" and manually do a driver update to circumvent the, "Uninstall" problem from the beginning....

So the end result was none of that worked which is why I am here! If you could fill me in on what some of the problems that might be in relation to the symptoms I am having I would be very appreciative!


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