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Boot Agent v1.3.39 PXE Build 088 - E74 Error


We use LANDESK to image our Dell E4300 laptops and desktops when they arrive on site. Previously these have arrived with the A13 BIOS with Intel Boot Agent V1.3.39 and PXE 2.1 build 087. We could use PXE to build these laptops with no problems...

The other day we recieved laptops with the A14 BIOS, these have an updated PXE (Build 088). Whenever we try to boot these laptops through PXE we get an PXE-E74 bad or missing pxe menu and or prompt information error. We have tested out PXE representative with various other laptops and they work fine.

We have been on to LANDESK, who, in their ever helpful way, have washed their hands of this problem and said its a Dell / Intel issue.... So this is why I am posting this. Has anyone else had problems building through PXE with the new PXE Build 088?

Any help would be appreciated. We have a temporary workaround for the time being, but we need to get this sorted ASAP.

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I am sorry to hear that you ran into this bug. This is a known issue. You will need to contact Dell to find out if they have a fix.

A workaround is to configure the PXE server to reduce the size of the boot menu that the PXE server delivers. Maybe this is the temporary workaround you are already using.

You may have discovered that the latest version of Intel® Boot Agent posted in the Intel Download Center has a fix, but you cannot use this update for built-in network connections. The utility and files only work on plug-in adapters. Built-in connections require a system BIOS update.

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