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CT Desktop Adapter has detected an internal error


We are using the Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter on 2 identical Servers with the operating system Windows Server 2012 R2, Version 6.3, (Build 9600).

On both servers, the Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter sometimes suddenly stops working.

The event viewer shows this message:

Miniport Intel(R) Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter, {5bc59bfb-de9f-43cd-8291-5b76da5ea58c}, had event Fatal error: The miniport has detected an internal error

And the device manager a yellow triangle with exclamation point and errorcode 43.

Whe have changed the adapter on both machines and on one machine, whe have changed the mainboard. But nevertheless the error occurs again and again.

If we restart the machine, the adapter is working again for some time.

We are using a FUJITUS D3401-H1 mainboard:

System Manufacturer FUJITSU

System Model D3401-H1

System Type x64-based PC

System SKU S26361-Kxxx-Vyyy

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

BIOS Version/Date FUJITSU // American Megatrends Inc. V5.0.0.11 R1.14.0 for D3401-H1x, 6/9/2016

SMBIOS Version 3.0

Embedded Controller Version 255.255

BIOS Mode Legacy

BaseBoard Manufacturer FUJITSU

  • Have the adapter incompatibilites with this mainboard?
  • is the operating system supported for this adapter "Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter"?
  • what is the reason for the errors and how they can be stopped?

I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall the adapter drivers.

I have downloaded the intel drivers and also the intel driver update utility, which searchs for intel hardware on the computer and updates the drivers. But the driver update utility do not find this hardware.

I have downloaded the suitable driver package "PROWinx64.exe" and have it installed. It has no effect.

The installed driver is:


Provider: Intel


If I uninstall, this driver is installed again. It works for some time.

What is the reason for the error and what can we do to avoid it?

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Hi Lsix,



Thank you for posting at Wired Communities. I am sorry that we do not have information if the CT adapter is compatible with FUJITUS D3401-H1 mainboard. Our website has only compatibility information of CT desktop adapter with Intel system.



With regards to the operating system, there is Microsoft* Windows 2012 R2 built-in driver for CT desktop adapter however no Intel driver available. You may refer to the link below,


"No" Full support for CT desktop adapter which means we do not have Intel driver but only inbox driver from Microsoft.



I managed to check on the Fujitsu site and found based on the datasheet of D3401-H1, Windows 2012 R2 is not listed as the supported operating system for this system on page 3



Error code refers to device driver fails, I understand you tried un-installing and re-installing the driver already. I found the Fujitsu has already an onboard NIC, have you tried disabling the onboard NIC to test?



I would suggest you to contact Fujitsu to verify on the compatibility as normally the board vendor validate the components to be installed on their system and in case they have any relevant information. Hope the above information help. Thank you.











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Hi Lsix,



Just to double check if you have contacted Fujitsu and hope the issue is fixed. Any further assistance needed ?







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Hello Sharon,

We just purchased four Miniport Intel (R) Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter.  You can see my post on:

We have used this network interface cards (NICs) on several sites and had had no problems.  With these news NICs they work and then, out of the blue they fail.

We are using Dell Precision 3640 Tower computers, running Win10 Pro 64 bits.  We installed these NICs and ran the windows driver update from the device manager/properties.  Windows determines that it has the best drivers already installed.  The NIC's PN is EXPI9301CT. 

We use these NICs for synchronizing data between a pair of computers.  We use a crossover cable to connect the two NICs installed on two different computers.  The software that will use the NICs to synchronize data recommends enabling the Jumbo Frame packets at 9014 bits.  We have enabled this feature on both NICs. 

The problem is that out of the blue, one of the NICs in the pair fails with a fatal error.

The error description in the Windows Logs/System is:

Miniport Intel(R) Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter #2, {13628ff0-cab1-4d13-8843-c1626c7243ed}, had event Fatal error: The miniport has detected an internal error

Source: NDIS

Event ID 10317

Task Category PnP

Keywords: (16384),(16),(4),(2)




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