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Cannot get Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter working under Server 2012 R2 with VLAN


Hello everybody,

I'm trying to run a home test server with the Intel CT and PT network cards (PCI-E).

Under Windows 2012 it's running just fine, even within the Virtual machines I'm running there.

UNTIL I'll install these network cards as a VLAN interface, it will not communicate?

The VLAN's are made under Linux (Debian). Under the OS no error or what so ever.....

In the test is the network card (ETH2) directly connected to a Wi-Fi Access point.

Within the AP network configuration connected to the ETH2 interface got 3 SSID's configured.

SSID1 is configured under VLAN1 (default) and 2 extra SSID's (SSID2 and SSID3) as VLAN2 en VLAN3 !

When making contact with SSID1 under VLAN1 I'm getting an IP-address from mine DHCP server (Debian firewall).

When trying to connect to SSID2 or 3 I'll get no communication activity.

** When using this sett-up with the same Debian Software and hardware BUT NOT VIRTUAL UNDER 2012 R2 its working great....

Windows 2012 R2 'Virtual Network Switch' should support "802.1q VLAN tagging".

Is there somebody who can help me out here with some hints or had similar experience?

Can't find the possible solution for this.

Latest driver installed from Intel portal.

Thanks in advance.



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