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Configuring Two Intel NICs In A Windows 2000 Server



I've "inherited" administrator responsibilities for a Dell PowerEdge server running Windows Server 2000. It has Pro/100 S and Pro/1000 XT adapters installed, but it appears that only the Pro/100 adapter is carrying traffic (the status screen for the gigabit card shows packets are being transmitted, but zero packets have been received, and when I click on properties, TCP/IP is not configured on that card). I'd like to get it configured correctly to allow use of the gigabit NIC, but I need someone to point me in the right direction. I've read that the Intel NICs should be configured by ProSet via tabs that get added to each adapter's Device Manager page. While it looks like ProSet has been installed when I look in the Program Files folder, I don't see any related tabs for the NICs in Device Manager or on the properties page for each adapter in "Network and Dial-Up Connections".

I wanted to include screenshots for each network connection as well as the Intel Virtual Adapter which appears to be bound to the slower NIC, since it is operating at 100 megabits, despite both NICs being cabled to a gigabit network switch. Unfortunately the icon in the compose window on this site for adding an image to my post is grayed out, so I can't. My best guess is that I have to somehow create another Intel ANS Virtual Adapter and bind it to the gigabit card.

Am I on the right track, or does it look like Intel ProSet is not actually installed ?

Thanks !

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