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Connected two X520 adapter against each port-to-port ...


The 1st end running SR-IOV's with 2 VM's ( Debian Server) ; machine 1

Taken 1 x SR-IOV for each VM's so they exists on different PF on 1st end.

On 2nd end, which this is connected, no SR-IOV's - only generic 10GBit ports. ; machine 2

Now tryin to ping from VM (1st end) to 2nd, ARP reached and replied, but response no passed L2 Sorter/Switch on 1st end to reach original sender of PING packet.

So this is somehow again question of how RX queue finds path for RX packet to correct VM.

Now playing with plain-Debian without proprietary-OS tricks as before, so thin no VF-messages sent to program Unicast Table etc.

But this should work with one and only MAC, which bind to VF --- or not ?

What to do or check ?

I noticed (thanks Marko) that the 2nd end could get confused, if both ends and connected this way so dropped another PF down on 2nd end to avoid this.

In final, am trying to use 2nd end as a switch, but that's another story

machine 1 machine 2

---------------- SR-IOV,VF |---------------|

| VM1 |------------------ 2nd end |


| | | no SR-IOV |


|--------------| | |


| 1st end | SR-IOV,VF | |


| VM2,ping|------------------ <-- tcpdump |<p> 

| | | |


|--------------- |---------------|


And no VLAN's in use. Tried pre-set MAC's to VF and using random ones by ixgbe -driver


ixgbe v. 3.11.3-k

kernel 3.8.0-21 (host)



edit : ixgbevf v 2.2.0-k


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