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Connecting a X520-DA2 to an HP Procurve switch

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I have three hosts with X520-DA2's in them (1-SLES10sp4 and 2-VMware ESXi 5). I have connected them to an HP Procurve E5412zl (J8698A)switch with a 10G module (J9538) and an HP direct connect cable (J9285B). I am unable to get communication to cross the wire from the hosts to the switch.


Is the HP SFP+ connector that is on their direct connect cable compatible with the Intel X520-DA2?

If compatibility is not the problem, what has to be done to get these two to communicate?

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There was an update to the Intel Ethernet drivers to fix an incompatibility with the J9285B and similar cables. I suspect that you are encountering that issue. Updating the drivers will be a good next step.

The latest Linux driver is at

Directions for getting the latest driver for ESX can be found at

Let me know if this solves your issue or not.

Mark H

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I downloaded the latest driver for ESXi 5.0 (ixgbe version 3.9.13) and I still have the problem there.

On the Linux front I am using SLES 10 sp4. I downloaded the 3.9.17 driver and compiled and loaded it. I checked and it says I am using ixgbe version 3.9.17-NAPI (firmware version 0x546c0001).

I am not able to get traffic to go out through the cable. There are solid green lights at both ends with another green light flashing.

I really frustrated here. HP tech support tells me that I can only reliably connect HP cables to the HP switch, Intel says I should use Intel cables. So I'm getting nowhere fast.