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Cyclone V GX Transceiver - Ethernet Carrier Sense

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Hi guys, 


I want to use Cyclone V GX transceivers connected to SFPs. I created my system on Qsys using Custom PHY core with GIGE parameters. 


But to connect it to MAC I need GMII interface and I can't find Collision Detect and Carrie Sense signals. I found in Cyclone V Handbook why: 


"Note: The transceivers do not have built-in support for other PCS functions, such as the autonegotiation state machine, collision-detect, and carrier-sense functions. If you require these functions, implement them in the FPGA fabric or in external circuits. " 


Can anyone give me some tip about how to implement carrie sense function or some documentation about it ?  


Thank you
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Seems I need to check IDLE signals from 8b/10b output to create CS signal, am I correct ?

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