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Data Rate of Intel Silicon Photonics 100G CWDM4 QSFP28 and 100G LR4 QSFP28




We are currently looking for a Silicon photonics technology based optical transceiver. Our data rate is limited to 12.8 Gbps. Considering the long term availability, we would like to go for 100G optical transceiver that can operate not only at 4x25Gbps but also at different data rates like 4x10Gbps or 4x12.8Gbps.


Can you please provide information if Intel Silicon Photonics 100G CWDM4 QSFP28 and 100G LR4 QSFP28 are capable of running at 4x10Gbps or 4x12.8Gbps etc.? Or they can only operate at 100G?


Many Thanks,


Selim Can Ozdogan


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Hello Selim,

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Please be informed that your query will be best handled by our Intel® Silicon Photonics support team. Please submit your query by clicking the 'Contact us now' link below for further assistance.

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