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Dell Optiplex 780 with 82567LM-3


I have a Dell Optiplex with an Intel 82567LM-3 Gigabit ethernet card and using unicast WOL. I have the most recent BIOS with deep sleep disabled and wake from off enabled. The problem is getting the computer to wake with unicast. The option for arp offloading and ns offloading does not appear to be supported by proset or the most recent intel driver with this chipset.

How can we get unicast to wake the computer up?


If you recommend a new card, we want it to support Gigabit, AMT, WOL and ARP Offloading and it must be half height, PCI 2.3. Finding a card at the Intel site that matches these requirements has me totally lost. Can anyone recommend one?

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Are you trying to wake on any directed packet or are you sending a magic packet for wake up? What is your OS? I recall an option for waking up on a directed packet back in the days of Windows Vista. As I recall, this did not work out very well because there were so many noisy applications that the systems always woke up immediately after going to sleep.


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