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Does 82567LM or 82579LM gigabit use Pro1000CT chipset?



We want to test some GigE camerashernet. The camera manufacturer recommends the use of Ethernet cards with Intel Pro 1000 CT chipset. Our computers have 82567/579LM gigabit network interfaces. My question is whether these use Pro 1000CT chipsets. if not, d0 these use newer or better chipsets than than Pro1000CT chipset.

Thank you.

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The Intel® Gigabit CT Adapter ( Intel® Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter Benefits and Support Overview) uses the Intel® 82574 Gigabit Ethernet Controller. While related to the 82567 and the 82579, the 82574L is a standalone MAC/PHY, while the 82567 and the 82579 are PHY products that have the MAC in the ICH8/9/10. Without an ICH8/9/10 the 82567/82579 won't work, while the 82574 will work with any PCI Express implementation. There are many implementations that I can think of where the solution uses a 82567 or a 82579 with a 82574L providing a second interface. There are some features differences but for most solutions the 82579 will be a good enough replacement for the 82574L. But check the needs of your camera mesh. If it requires IEEE 1588 support, you must use the 82574L or the newer I350 based solution since the 82567 and the 82579 do not support it. This page will let you know what SW features are supported by the 82579. (its a PDF).

Good luck and thanks for your interest in Intel® Ethernet.