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Driver for Intel PRO/1000 PT Dualport Windows Server 2012



i need a driver for the Intel PRO/1000 PT Dualport Server Adapter for Windows Server 2012. I found an article on the Intel Homepage that these adapter is no longer supported on Windows Server 2012 but there is a solution with an uncertified driver from Intel. Where can i download this uncertified driver for my testing enviroment?

The Intel Page sad :

  • Intel has provided these drivers as a convenience to


    our customers who want to use these older devices with Windows* 8 or Windows


    Server* 2012. Although these drivers are certified for Windows* 7 and Windows


    Server* 2008 R2, the drivers are not certified for use in Windows* 8 and or


    Windows Server* 2012. These drivers have not received the normal, exhaustive


    level of testing usually performed by Intel.
  • Intel has tested basic installation and functionality


    in Windows* 8 and Windows Server* 2012 including advanced features such as


    teaming and configuring VLANs. Intel does not plan to certify drivers for these


    devices for Windows* 8 and Windows Server* 2012.
  • Intel recommends that users who plan to use Microsoft


    Windows* 8 or Windows Server* 2012 use newer devices with certified drivers.

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1,155 Views Download CenterHi Christoph,

I apologize for the misinformation on this page. The bad news is that the uncertified driver you need is not in the latest software packages available today. The good news is that the uncertified driver you need should be available for download within the next few weeks, possibly even a few days from now.

The drivers you need will be part of the version 17.4 package. The CD file is usually available first, so you can watch for a version update at

Or, you can also subscribe to an RSS feed for downloads associated with the Intel(R) PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server adapter at That way your feed would be updated when the new version is available for download.

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience of having the wrong information on the support page.

Mark H

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