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E810-CQDA2 Crashes with RHEL 8.2 on irdma kernel module load


I've been working to try and get the E810-CQDA2 up and running on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server with version 8.2 running.


I've got the ICE driver built and loaded, version 1.8.8 there doesn't seem to be any problem with that portion of the system. 


I'm also able to build the patched rdma-core rpm files as instructed in the README file. The 25 packages are all built successfully, but each time there is an attempt to load the kernel with a call


'sudo modprobe irdma'


The computer crashes and reboots. The current kernel that is installed on the system is as follows:

uname -r returns with:



I have installed all the packages mentioned in the Complete Driver Pack 27.2.1, in the package. The instructions are being followed closely so the kernel module is being built but simply fails on a load attempt. 


Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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