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Error "network interfaces enumeration failed " with PRO/100 S Server Adapter



We have a windows 2008 server with two networks adapter interfaces, a PRO/100 S Server Adapter and an Interl PRO/100+ PCI Adapter.

We have successfully configured the two interface in a teaming group, but when we click on the "Modify Teaming Settings"

button we receive the following error: "Network interfaces enumeration failed".

Other than that, the teaming configuration seems to be working correctly.

Does anyone have an idea of what this error means ? Is it something relevant ?

Looking forwards to your replies.


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I am not sure what is causing the message, but I have a couple of ideas. One area that might cause an issue when enumerating the ports could be phantom adapters. Take a look at for information on how to get rid of them.

Some other registry corruption might be behind a message like that. If the registry entries are something that gets removed when you uninstall the Intel(R) Network Connections software, then removing the software and doing a clean install might help.

Another possibility is an issue between the latest teaming software and the PRO/100+ adapter, which is very old and would not be tested with the latest software.

If removing phantom adapters and a clean software installation does not help, and If you can create a team and the team seems to be functioning correctly, then I would not be overly concerned. If you want to modify the team, you might have to work around the error by removing the team and creating a new team using the new configuration you want.

Mark H

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