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Ethernet Controller Intel D945GCPE board



I just installed windows 7 on my Intel pentium dual core, with Intel D945GCPE board, everything was working fine till the time i installed all latest intel drivers for chipset, graphic and realtek lan, since then the Ethernet Controller is missing, i have tried everything but nothing helps, auto update, installing vista drivers, but no ethernet controller!! due to which my netgear wireless adapter is not working and i have to connect by wire. The computer is a desktop. Please help with ethernet controller issue....

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This motherboard was not natively designed to support Microsoft* Windows* 7 therefore there are no hardware drivers validated for this operating system on this motherboard.

If the Realtek Ethernet LAN controller on the motherboard is still being shown on the operating system's Device Manager, check what is the status of the device and try loading a generic driver available on Internet. if the device is not shown at all on the Device Manager, the issue might be related to a registry issue, you would need to check with Microsoft* to force the operating system to redetect this piece of hardware or test a fresh operating system installation.

Other than that, you should use a validated operating system.

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