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FCoE and VMware problem using Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X520


Hello community,

I am using two x520 Intel CNA to create VN2VN FCoE connection.

ON the target side I have created the FCoE interfaces on my CNA port and I have created LUNs. I am using Linux as a target with kernel version 3.10.54. Open FCoE utils and LIO target modules are installed,

I am using VMware 5.1 as an initiator. I followed the instructions provided by Intel and VMware on how to configure FCoE on VMware,, but I can't see the LUNs. The instructions are here: vSphere Documentation Center.

I am using direct connection from port to port (VN2VN) using a 10Gb cable between two ports( one on initiator side one on the target side). Both CNAs are the same x520 series Intel CNAs


1. I have installed the latest driver for this specific CNA

2. I created a vSphere standard switch

3. Added the network interface that supports FCoE to that switch

4. Entered the VLAN ID

5. Added the software FCoE adapters


But when I rescan the device I don't see any LUNs.


I have also tried Windows server and Linux CentOS as initiators and I didn't have any problems. Using Windows and CentOS as FCoE initiators I was able to see the LUNs on the target.

Please, Help. Are there any special settings for VMware as an initiator or are there any special settings for VN2VN connections? Basically how can I see the LUNs on my WMware initiator?


Thank you


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