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Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter unable to establish link


I hope for your help


Bought this adapter to replace the built-in and can not get it to work. After connecting a network cable, observe the cyclic detection and loss cable for two seconds. Sometimes, after 5 - 100 cycles, the connection is established and works well in the future. Sometimes the NIC do not see the cable completely. Communication is established with an unknown router, the ISP at a distance of 50m. Built-in network card is able to do the job without problems for a long time.


To test, I plugged a network card with a short cable to a second network card in the same computer and the TV. In both cases, the link was established right away. All built-in network card testing goes well.

Windows 7 x64, driver's official last Sorry for my English, I use google translate.

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Hi Anton,

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with your Ethernet connection.

Yes, as you said, is the latest driver.

I am not aware of any driver bugs that would cause this issue. I have seen problems caused by the power supply that could cause this. Sometimes adding the adapter puts too much strain on one of the outputs to the original power supply, especially if you have added other adapters to the computer. I have a desktop computer that is like this. If I add in too many cards, then I have seen problems with network connectivity and sometimes problems with restarting my computer. Also, I believe that longer cables result in more power consumption. So you could work good on a shorter distanc3e, but see intermittent issues with a longer distance. If you have add in devices that you can temporarily remove, you could troubleshoot the issue by removing devices and testing to see if the issue remains or goes away.

An updated driver should be available soon, which you can try. However, I do not know of any bug fix that matches your report. You should try the new driver in case the update helps, but I do not expect a driver change to help you.

Mark H

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