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How can I put 82566DM into conformance test mode?



I need to execute 100BASE-TX conformance tests on "active contact rings". To do that I have got 2 DELL Desktop PCs OPTIPLEX 755 (Type DCSM) that communicate with each other frame by frame (using LabVIEW programs) via their standard ethernet connections. On their mainboards (FOXCONN LS-36) an ethernet adapter 82566DM an the chipset ICH9 is mounted. In oder to execute 100BASE-TX conformance tests I need to put the 82566DM chips into one of their test modes. With the help of the chipset it then should transmit no ethernet frames but continuously one of the required test patterns (scrambled IDLEs, scrambled Halt line state & 01010101 NRZ bit sequence for DCD test). Who can help me to make the 82566DM transmit the test patterns necessary to execute 100BASE-TX conformance tests?
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