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How to check packet loss in rdma?



We have successfully configured RDMA and PFC using Intel Ethernet Network Adapter E810-XXVDA2 and E810-CQDA2.
We wanted to know if there is any method/technique/tool by which we can check packet loss before and after PFC Configuration.

1. We are performing fio test to benchmark the performance.
2. Yes we are using E810-XXVDA2 and E810-CQDA2.
3. We are using Intel Server Board S2600WF and Intel Server Board S2600BP.
4. Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.6 (Ootpa) Kernel:-Linux 4.18.0-372.16.1.el8_6.x86_64 GNU/Linux.

We are using Intel Network Adapter Driver for E810 Series Devices under Linux
ice version ice-1.8.9

We are using Linux RDMA Driver for the E810 and X722 Intel Ethernet Controllers

We have completed the benchmarking using fio. We are unable to check the packet loss with and without PFC. It would be really great if you can help us with the same.



Sushrut Bhokre


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