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How to stop Nal service - network adapter diagnostic driver(iqvw64e.sys)?


Hi all,

Currently, We have an Application Server running Window Server 2008 R2

It has been installed on Primergy RX300S7

And we are facing an error on this application.

Application vendor has checked and they doubts the cause may relate to an Event in Event Viewer as below

[Event Information]

Event ID: 7045

Source: Service Control Manager

Service name: NAL Service

Service File Name: C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\iqvw64e.sys

Service Type: Kernel mode driver

Services Start Type: Demand start

Level: Information

Currently, Our System is using 2 network cards Intel 82576NS and it has been teaming together

Version: 20.1.1022.0

Please help me answer some questions and request

1. Why does this Nal services run every 2 hours in event viewer?

2. Can I stop it and how I can?

3. Does this service affect to our system?

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Hi Chikaki,



The NLA (Network Location Awareness) is a service in Microsoft* operating system to identify


the logical network to which a Windows computer is attached(extracted from below Microsoft* site,


please note the website below are provided here for reference only, Intel has no control


over the content posted on this website)



I did a search and found this service can be disabled. Windows* 2008 used this serivce for specific firewall setting, you might want to check if this is caused by any firewall setting on the operating system. Checking on the spec of your Primergy RX300S7, the system is embedded with 2 x Gigabit ethernet, for us to better further check on this, please provide what is the exact network adapter model on your system?









Hi intel support team,

Thanks for your response,

As mentioned in my topic, I would like to ask about NAL service ( network adapter diagnostic driver), not for NLA service

Is NAL Service the same with NLA service?

For more information:

- Hardware model: Fujirsu Primergy RX300 S7

- OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

- Network adapter model: Intel (R) 82576NS gigabit network connection

Version: 20.1.1022.0


Hi Chikaki,



Good day. iqvw64e.sys was the diagnostic driver for Intel LAN software tool, Ex, LANCONF, Diag, EEUPDATE, etc. This was not the necessary module for LAN device.



Please remove it after if you are not using Intel LAN software tool, there is no


no impact to LAN device or LAN driver if you remove this driver file.



Hope this clarified.