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I210 Teaming after Windows 10 April 2018 Update


I had a pair of I210 NICs (a dual-NIC motherboard) teamed via Static Link Aggregation and all was working fine until today when Windows 10 x64 decided to apply the April 2018 cumulative update. The page providing the respective drivers with ANS support ( states that the latest version is 23.1 (dated 2018-02-21). Even with this latest driver, however, I can re-create the team, but it cannot be enabled. The only way to keep things in a sort of working state is to disable one of the NICs as well as the virtual team interface and keep only the other NIC active (i.e., not an ideal scenario).

Is there any chance that a new version of the driver will be available soon?



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Have you installed 23.5 drivers before upgrading to 1809 ? is the I211 driver from 23.4 release. 23.5 upgrades it to



@ZKłos​: Yes, in fact I did. Based on previous experience with cumulative Windows updates and NIC teaming, I first removed the original team, kept just one NIC enabled, and installed the 23.5 Intel driver (I had not manually uninstalled the previous driver version, though). Only then I installed the 1809 Windows update and immediately after that I re-created the NIC team via GUI. In any case, the team seems to work as expected so I am not going to change things just yet (especially because I do not have physical access to the machine at the moment -- manual change of the driver could fail and render the machine remotely inaccessible).

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So you took somehow 'safer' approach. I instead upgraded to Windows 1809 immediately once it was officaly released (early adopter case) and before it got backed out for another month. Teaming with 23.2 drivers, as many times before when MSFT changed something and Intel was late for the party with its drivers, instantly malfunctioned.


You instead somehow 'cheated' the system ;-)

If you installed 23.4 drivers on 1809, the PROSet tabs would be gone. Then there's only the new PowerShell interface, it does work for me (tema creation does not hang) but returns error at the end and creates non-working team (so final effect essentially the same as with 'old' 23.2 drivers on 1809). With 23.5 drivers on 1809, PowerShell team creation command just hangs for me (and may others who reported similar issues on this forum in other threads).


Intel is somehow justified for being late again this time - Microsoft changed NDIS specification in Windows 10 1809 and Windows Server 2019 from 6.5 do 6.8. But I see no justification for releasing buggy drivers :-(




Hi Zbigniew,


We're currently looking into the Hanging issue with PROSet Powershell. Please continue to monitor the other thread ( for updates.



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